2018’s Home Decor Trends Prediction: Colors

We are in the last third of 2017 with the year 2018 fast approaching. We are pretty eager to see what 2018 has in store for the home décor industry. We hope to see new design trends in the fast-approaching year, but for now, color trends takes a top spot on our décor predictions list.

Choosing Paint Colors

Here are the seven colors predicted to take over the home décor industry in 2018.

  1. Grays

Grays have been embraced as a major color for home decoration in the past few years. This may not be subject to change. Unlike other trends that come and go, grays have already established their position in home decor, and they don’t seem to be letting go anytime soon. Grays have a big market share since most people like the cloudy color as it acts as a neutral backdrop and keeps the room bright.

Gray Decor


  1. Poised Taupe

The amazing versatility of Poised Taupe is sure to be among the colors likely to take over 2018 with a blaze. In 2017, Sherwin-Williams named Poised Taupe as the color of the year and at the same time tagged it to be among the best home decoration colors in 2018. It is one of the chameleon-like colors that will rhyme with virtually all other colors of fabrics and furniture in your house. Combining Poised Taupe with other colors produces cute fabrics for home decoration too.

Poised Taupe Bathroom

  1. Browns

Brown has been a long-time favorite color in various industries ranging from the automotive industry, fashion industry, and the home decoration industry. Denise Turner, a color expert and founder of Color Turner thinks browns will be among the most popular colors for home decoration in 2018. However, Turner says that lighter browns are more likely to make more appearances than deep browns.

Bedroom in Browns


  1. Greens

For the greater part of 2017, green has been an underdog in home décor. However, decorators are now saying that with the growing rise in popularity, green should get a bigger market share, especially as people tend to shift more attention towards eco-consciousness. Green fabrics and furnishings are likely to show up in larger numbers in 2018 than they’ve ever been.

Green Sheets


  1. Blacks

In the recent past, black colors with their exotic names like Black Frame, Shadow, Olympic Black Magic and Deep Onyx have not had a big market share in home decorations. However, 2017 was a great year for  blacks, with Shadow chosen as Benjamin Moore’s color in 2017. Other color experts like Dee Schlotter and Navy Bean Lane chose Black Frame, Olympic Black Magic, and blacks in general as their colors of the year, and this trend is expected to continue into 2018.

Black made such a massive debut in 2017 due to its ability to act as a black backdrop, thus allowing other colors to take the center stage. Black also creates a silence that many crave for in the information-heavy era we are in.

Black Decor

  1. Blues

Blue is having a surge in popularity. It offers comfort and soothing feeling thus giving constancy and peace that people require during unstable and tough times. Many companies have been giving a blue touch to their products. It has been predicted that blue will take a big market share in 2018, especially navy and deeper, bold blues.

Blue Dining Room Walls

  1. Pink and Red

Pink and red are normally used as “the colors of causes” in public awareness campaigns to attract the attention of the masses. We do not see them being major colors for home decoration in 2018.

No Pink

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