Ideas for Converting Your Basement into a Livable Space

Do you open the door to the basement, and feel a slight fear grip your heart? Is it that there might be a basement monster living down there,  or is it a fear of bugs and spiders? Finishing your basement and turning it into a livable space will not only end those fears, but will give you extra living space, and will add value to your home.

Basement Stairs

Finishing your basement, no matter how you choose to use it, creates a big return on your investment when it comes time to sell your home.

Here are some creative ideas for converting your basement into a livable space:

Recreation Room

Probably the most popular use for a finished basement is turning it into a recreational room, aka a “rec” room. This extra space could be a playroom for kids, an adults-only escape, a man cave (my son calls his man cave “the dōjō”), or even a home theater. The basement is a great place to put a big television, pool table, or maybe even a bar. Fill the room with big couches for plenty of seating area. When choosing your flooring, look for practical choices that are easy to clean. Consider concrete flooring, and add throw rugs where you want something a bit plusher.

Basement Rec Room

Home Office

The basement is a great place for your home office. With a home office, you can make use of both a large or a small space. The basement is a great work area because it tends to be quieter and separate from the rest of the house, which is more conducive to concentration. Maybe you’ll be able to get some work done!

For a home office in your basement, make sure you have plenty of soft lighting. You will need enough light to work by, but stay away from clinical fluorescent lighting.

Extra Bedroom

Converting your basement into an extra bedroom is a great use of the space. Even if there isn’t a closet available, you can use the extra space to either build your own closet, buy an assemble-it-yourself closet, or consider creative open closet ideas that make use of floor and wall space.

Basement Guestroom

Depending on the size and shape of your basement, you can really pull together a nice space for a bedroom. For smaller spaces, make use of wall spaces with shelves and hooks and consider a platform bed with drawers. For larger spaces, fill up the extra space with big, chunky furniture and maybe a seating area.

Living Room

A finished basement could easily be converted into a great living or family room area. A few comfortable sofas and chairs and a large mounted television can turn this once cluttered and unused space into a home-base for your family.

Converted Basement

Mother-in-Law Quarters

An excellent renovation idea is to convert your basement into an efficiency apartment. If there isn’t one already, consider adding a small bathroom and kitchenette to make a completely separate living space. Not only is an efficiency apartment useful for visitors, teenagers, renters, or your mother-in-law, but the extra bathroom and kitchenette add even more value to your home.

Converting your basement into a livable space is an exciting and lucrative home improvement project. Not only does finishing your basement add to the value of your home, but the extra space will be extremely useful. There are so many things you can convert your basement to; the only problem is figuring out which use of the space is best.

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