Feng Shui in the Bathroom

If you’re like most people, you probably associate Feng Shui with rooms that you spend a lot of time in, like the living room or bedroom, not the bathroom.

Feng Shui Bathroom

But shouldn’t you enjoy every room in your home? Simply following a few basic Feng Shui tips can make even the bathroom inviting.

1. Shut the bathroom door

It might seem silly but keeping the bathroom door shut is probably the most important all Feng Shui bathroom tips. Closing the bathroom door is going to make a big difference in the overall energy and atmosphere in your home.

2. Close the toilet lid

Aside from being unpleasant to look at, a toilet with the lid open also promotes the loss of chi. In fact, every time your toilet is flushed, you’re washing away this positive energy. Simply keeping the lid closed will help reduce the amount of energy lost, and make the bathroom a much more pleasant space.

3. Mirrors

Mirrors are known to circulate and speed up energy so the bathroom is a perfect place for them. However, with that being said you need to use caution when placing them in your bathroom. You don’t want to multiply the dirty energy so make sure that any mirror, especially a large one, does not reflect the toilet. Meaning, when you are sitting on the toilet you should not be able to see your entire body in the mirror.

Bathroom Mirror

4. Ambience

One of the easiest ways to achieve Feng Shui in the bathroom is by creating ambience. This can be something as simple as a dimmer switch for the lights so that you can dim them when pampering yourself and turn them up when getting ready for the day. When you’re using the bathroom to pamper yourself, create even more of an ambience by bringing in candles (non-toxic), playing soft soothing music, and using bath salts.

5. Plants

When it comes to Feng Shui in the bathroom, bamboo and leafy plants are highly recommended because they are chi movers. Not only that but they are also known to absorb humidity and get rid of old stale chi as well as add some natural, earthly color to the room. If your bathroom doesn’t have a lot of light, bamboo is your best option to go with.

6. Make your bathroom beautiful

Paint the walls with a Feng Shui color that is best suited for the bathroom – white, soft white, blue, light green or black. Candles were mentioned in #4 above but they’re worth mentioning again. Choose candles that have beautiful stands as decor. Purchase some unique colorful artwork to add to the walls. And last but certainly not least, if you have old raggedy towels buy some new, plush ones.

Plush Towels and a Candle

7. Keep it clean

This is probably common sense but it’s worth mentioning. When it comes to Feng Shui and keeping positive energy flowing throughout your space, it’s important to keep things clutter free and clean. If you don’t, energy can get stuck and become stale, which produces negative energy. So, keep things picked up and put away every day.

Your bathroom doesn’t have to be an uninviting, cold space. With a little thought and a few basic Feng Shui principles thrown in, you can create a warm, comforting environment in every room in your home, including the bathroom.

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