Let’s Go Boho!

Boho Chic decorating is the concept of a free-spirited and informal feeling in creating a room’s look. Bright colors, textiles, patterns, flowy fabrics. A mix of vintage and modern. And layers, you can almost never have too many layers.

Bohemian Chic Decor

People often associate Boho Chic with hippies or gypsies, due to the images both these groups bring to mind. The words Moroccan and Shabby chic are also associated with Boho. Artistic, relaxing and yes, at the same time, a bit cluttered and wild.

Bohemian style is easy to achieve in any room of the house whatever the budget is.

In The Kitchen

You could start with an old wooden table, even a picnic table. Paint it a bright eye popping blue, or whatever your favorite color is. The chairs or benches around it have cushions of different patterns and colors.

Bohemian Kitchen

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Or maybe open shelving holding teapots or other mementos that you’ve collected over the years. A family friend collected hundreds of salt and pepper shakers from all over the world. She displayed them on shelves in her kitchen. They were bright and colorful and made the kitchen feel warm and inviting. It was one of my favorite places to visit.

Boho In The Bedroom

Flowy light fabric attached to the ceiling draping down over the room canopy style. A colorful wall tapestry hung on the wall or draped across the bed. Rainbow colored pillows covering the bed.

Bohemian Style Bedroom
I saw a comment on this bedroom that said it was too “neat and orderly” to be Boho. But I like it! Different strokes?

Image Source

Instead of the traditional nightstand table, place stools on either side of your bed to hold your favorite book or a flowing plant. Wallpaper is a great way to add texture and pattern to any room. A head board covered in pictures of your family and friends or places you’ve visited or want to visit. You can make your own easily from plywood or even using an old door.


String party light bulbs throughout the back yard, small or large size. If you enjoy sitting outside on a deck or patio, this will bring a beautiful warm glow to the night. Place plants and old-fashioned lanterns about to enjoy those relaxing outdoors moments.

Boho Style Backyard

My mom used to get cans of spray paint and we would color the climbing vine leaves on our fence in bright neon colors. She did get a little upset when I sprayed the plants inside the house. That may have been due to my aim being a little off though…

You can bring the Boho Chic look to any room in your house just by allowing yourself to be inspired. Look for older items like desks and cupboards at flea markets or garage sales. Handmade items like macrame, dream catchers, or braided rugs. Stop by an upholstery business to see if they have scraps of fabric you can use for colorful pillows and cushions. Add lots of plants and flowers. Use old coffee mugs or watering cans to hold flowers instead of the traditional vases, or use both.

Boho Living Room

Image Source

By pairing the old and new, whether in the family room with modern and vintage furniture mixed together or even the bathroom with bright textured wall paper you can create that perfect Boho Chic look inspired just by you.

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