Easy Home Décor Changes – Throw Pillows

I love my throw pillows. I love plopping down into a pile of them on my couch, and I love seeing someone else sink into them and get comfy, wrapping their arms and legs around them. Changing your throw pillows is one of the easiest and least expensive home décor differences you can make.

Throw Pillows on the Couch

You can exchange your old ones for new ones, move them from room to room, or make them yourself. You can easily makeover the look of any room with different pillows and cushions.

Pillows have a lot of personality, from size to shape to color and pattern.  You can use each of those traits to help your room’s style. Here are some ideas for decorating with throw pillows.

Mix Sizes

Would larger pillows look better, or lots of smaller ones? Or maybe you can mix the sizes and layer your pillows with smaller ones nestled in with larger ones.

Shop for throw pillows

Mix Patterns

Mix your patterns with florals, stripes and prints together, or color block them for whimsy.

Throw Pillows

Add A Splash of Color

If your room is done in neutrals, add some colorful throw pillows for a pop of color. You can use a complementary color, or seasonal colors.

Orange Throw Pillows

Go Monotone

Go with a single color, although you can mix your prints, and use varying sizes. Notice how these green pillows pick up the greenery outside the window and the greens in the room.

One Color Throw Pillows

If you’re good with a sewing machine, you can sew a new piece of fabric on existing pillows to get a new look, or 2 alternating looks in one. You can also sew your own pillow covers in a huge assortment of prints and colors.

Holiday Pillows

I love to pull out my Halloween pillows, my Thanksgiving pillows, and finally, my Christmas pillows. It’s like seeing old friends again, and they totally change the feel of the room.

Halloween Pillows

Group Your Pillows

Experiment with different groupings. Try stacking your pillows in twos and threes in the corners of your couch, and play with the shapes.

Throw Pillows

Take a pillow from one room, and move it to another.  See how that changes the look.

Piles and Piles

This is how I like them. Load up your couch, daybed, chair or loveseat with every pillow you have in your collection.  Don’t be afraid of not matching.

Piles of Throw Pillows

Change your pillows with the seasons and your moods, before making any big purchasing decisions.  You might find that was all you needed to do.

Thanksgiving and Autumn Pillows

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